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Welcome to Gillespie, Prudhon & Associates

Gillespie, Prudhon & Associates, Inc. (GP&A) is a comprehensive telecommunications engineering and implementation provider based out of Clackamas, Oregon. For over 40 years, GP&A has consistently delivered excellence to clients throughout the United States.  We combine innovative technologies and time-tested methods to minimize expensive downtime while meeting and to exceed our clients' system and project requirements. Clients choose GP&A because we are uniquely qualified and well known for the innovative design and implementation of terrestrial microwave systems, earth stations and satellite links, lightwave networks, and more.

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Engineering Services

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Implementation & Procurement

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Multiplex &
Baseband Design

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Voice &
Data Switching

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Featured Services

We excel at developing high-trust, interactive consulting relationships that adapt to current project needs without losing sight of project goals. In every conceivable setting from urban environments like Seattle, WA to remote locations in Montana or Utah, GP&A has repeatedly and successfully demonstrated the ability to shepherd projects from initial conception to final implementation.

Because of the extensive expertise of our staff and the exceptionally high quality of their work, GP&A receives the majority of its work assignments from prior clients and from new clients referred to us by former clients. In fact, GP&A is still assisting clients we first assisted more than 30 years ago with engineering and implementation services for microwave networks, wireless voice and data networks, earth station and satellite links, fiber optic systems, and point-multipoint systems. Our main services include but are not limited to:

  • Transmission Engineering
  • Telecommunications Transport
  • Field Installation and Field Testing
  • Voice and Data Switching
  • Alignment & Maintenance of Telecommunications Networks
  • System Integration
  • Regulatory Consultation
  • Civil Site Planning, Engineering and Construction
  • Installation Inspection Services
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About Us

With decades of industry experience under their belts, our engineers and technicians carry with them an immense amount of knowledge and perspective, providing the best solutions to any given client’s unique telecommunication needs. Those who work with GP&A can rest assured they will receive premier customer service from friendly, efficient, and technically proficient executives and staff.

GP&A is and has always been completely independent of any equipment manufacturer, vendor or contractor. We want as few obstacles as possible to come between us and the goals of our clients. Whether you are looking to build telecommunications infrastructure, transform your existing one, or begin the construction of any other apparatus or system, from microwave systems to SONET transport systems, GP&A has the equipment and know-how to provide top-tier services at competitive rates.

We provide our clients with services that earn us their business for life. There’s a reason our clients think first of us when they need any number of telecom services: we represent the best our industry has to offer.

Rural Development ReConnect Program

The Rural Broadband ReConnect Program is a USDA-sponsored program that furnishes loans and grants for the construction, improvement or acquisition of facilities and equipment that provide broadband service in eligible rural areas. ReConnect applicants must have their networks designs and plans certified by a Professional Engineer (PE). As a telecom engineering firm, we’re the perfect candidates to review your plans and assist you with any design choices.

Engineering Requirements from the Funding Opportunity Announcement:

  • A network design
  • A network diagram
  • Project costs and buildout timeline

These requirements must be certified by a professional engineer (PE).