Providing client-focused telecommunications engineering services to the following groups:

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GP&A was contracted to provide telecommunications Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) services including:

  • Microwave path engineering and analysis
  • Equipment procurement – DC power systems, Microwave radios, antenna’s, feed line and installation accessories
  • FCC Frequency Coordination and licensing
  • Construction /overbuild of microwave radios and baseband equipment

The end result of this effort was to update the utility’s Legacy Harris Microwave Radio.  These projects included (5) paths between (6) sites throughout the Oregon Coastal Cascade Range and the Willamette Valley.  A major component in the FCC filings was updating the tower center Latitudes and Longitudes to the correct coordinates.

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Fiber Optic

GP&A prepared and spliced new 48-fiber OPGW cable and mounted splice cases and slack loops on new structures constructed for the new Red Butte – Sigurd 345 kV transmission line.  GP&A engineered the underground ADSS cable installation for boring under a LNG pipeline and the 3-mile fiber spur ADSS underground route and 3-mile ADSS underbuild on distribution structures into Milford Substation.  GP&A performed OPGW reel testing upon delivery from manufacturer and end-to-end OTDR and Power Meter fiber acceptance tests to verify all installed fiber met owner specifications. This project also introduced the utility to long haul fiber optic amplification so as to eliminate the need for two regeneration sites.

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Engineer, Procure, Construct

This EPC project provided engineering and installation services to install ADSS and splice OPGW/ADSS fiber cable on a new 345 kV transmission line between Oquirrh and the future Limber substation, and 500 kV isolated splice locations between the future Limber and the Clover substations in Utah.  The work included construction of an intermediate fiber repeater station, splice plans, communication design and testing. The regeneration design and implementation was a complete design and implementation effort including equipment shelter, OC-48 drop/insert electronics, AC/DC power with engine generator, fuel, rectifiers and station batteries.  The project also included reel acceptance testing and end-to-end OTDR and Power meter acceptance tests for the completed optical segments.

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Telecom Engineering

A large regional utility contracted professional services by GP&A to provide engineering for the preliminary evaluation and system design of a 900 MHz SCADA system:

  • Evaluations of current and planned systems
  • Onsite surveys
  • System throughput and spectrum needs analysis
  • Coverage analysis
  • FCC and Department of Defense - Joint Spectrum Center (JSC), spectrum search and preliminary coordination
  • FCC licensing and tracking
  • New and existing radio equipment evaluation and compatibility
  • Delivery of a final project report
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A large utility needed to replace their aged and disparate radio system with a single wide area system capable of operating over their entire service territory. GP&A was selected as the consultant of choice to perform as the utility’s Owners’ Engineer and to perform design engineering and project management functions.

GP&A performed a feasibility study for the utility to determine frequency availability to meet FCC narrow-banding requirements within their service territory, and in particular use of the 220 MHz frequency band. This study included coverage analysis and microwave path analysis for multiple remote sites within Central and Eastern Washington State, Northern Idaho, and Oregon.

GP&A performed site surveys to validate the coverage predictions and further evaluate site feasibility for both LMR and Microwave radio.  Once the utility identified prioritized desired site locations, GP&A performed microwave path analysis to identify backhaul connectivity between the radio sites back to the utilities headquarter locations.

Additionally, GP&A identified site make-ready requirements for the remote radio sites to support the installation of new microwave and/or fiber and radio system equipment. This ‘make ready’ work included modifying existing drawing and drafting drawings for new sites for use by construction and installation work crews. Final redlines were then modified into as-builts for final documentation. GP&A utilized Architect-Engineer (A-E) services, Architectural services, Mechanical/HVAC systems’ contractors to perform their site design work.  GP&A worked with the utility’s IT/communications group during the backhaul design phase.

Once radio sites and backhaul were significantly identified, the utility requested GP&A to develop a LMR RFP for procurement of an MPT-1327 mobile radio system. GP&A was also tasked to evaluate vendor bids and provide support during contract negotiations and delivery of product.

Throughout this process, GP&A prepared FCC required interference studies to support the utility’s 220 MHz application to operate its Trunked mobile radio system.